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Widening Access For All

Widening access involves making the opportunity to pursue education and careers more accessible to students from diverse backgrounds, including those from underrepresented communities, lower socio-economic backgrounds, and non-traditional pathways.

We want to make academic attainment fairer for all.  We invite you to access our free tutoring programme for all widening access students, regardless of which career you are interested in!  We fund these activities through our own Study Mentor organisation, which helps to protect school budgets for other activities.  It does not cost the student, parent or school anything to access additional tutoring opportunities through Study Mentor.

Daily Motivation

We understand that staying motivated throughout your GCSE and A-level journey can be challenging. That’s why we’ve incorporated a daily learning structure into our study groups. Imagine the advantage of daily study sessions that keep you engaged, focused, and steadily progressing toward your goals.

We have Chemistry and Biology GCSE and A-level Programmes for OCR A, EDEXCEL and AQA

The Power Of Group Learning

Neuroscience studies have shown that peer influence and collaborative learning significantly enhance comprehension and retention. Our Chemistry and Biology Study Groups create an environment where you learn alongside peers who share your goals, building confidence and fostering a supportive community.


There will be.  We are starting with Chemistry and Biology A-level, adding GCSE from January and then add other subjects from March.  So if you are interested in other subjects, please complete the widening access registration form and we will prioritise your access.  Places will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.  However, we have 1000s of spaces available so if we are unable to accommodate you on the earliest study group, we will allocate you a space on subsequent study groups that are taking place across the year.

The length of each study group depends on the Chemistry module you choose.  Physical and Organic modules each take 7 weeks to cover all of the year 12 and 13 (NI year 13 and 14) content.  Whereas the Inorganic Chemistry module only takes 3 weeks.

Our programme can help you to revise and cover the entire year 12 and 13 chemistry curriculum in just 1 academic year!

Biology follows a similar structure and programme too!

Students will receive a daily Zoom link to attend virtual sessions, lasting for one hour from 6pm to 7pm UK GMT, every Monday to Friday. These sessions will cover different topics within each module each day. Once the tutor concludes the teaching, students will spend 30 minutes working on test questions, word puzzles, and flashcards to strengthen their understanding.

If any questions persist, students can stay on the Zoom link, which will remain open for group questions until 9pm UK GMT. This setup offers students up to 3 hours of instruction per evening. However, if they’re satisfied with their questions being answered in 30 minutes or an hour, they can leave earlier. We provide this flexibility to cater to the varied needs of our students. While most students may grasp the day’s topic in an hour, others might require more time.

For those who can’t attend a session, don’t worry. All sessions are recorded, allowing you to access the teaching videos whenever it suits you. 


Our Chemistry and Biology modules comprehensively cover the entire curriculum and are tailored to the specifications of OCR A, EDEXCEL, and AQA exam boards. You’ll receive a teaching timetable aligned with your specific exam board.

Yes!  The study group and the question bank resources are free to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are awarded a place onto the programme.  Please complete the registration form and we will be in touch with your next steps to upload your evidence and offer you a place on one of our study groups.  

You only need to meet one of the criteria in order to be eligible for a free place and this is irrespective of which school you attend.

The tutors are carefully selected and trained medical and dental students, who are working alongside Doctors and Dentists. All of the tutors received A*s in Chemistry and have successfully been offered places at medical and dental schools. They have first-hand experience of preparing and revising for the exams, and will be able to share their top tips to get the best grade.  Who would make a better tutor, than someone who has been in your position, understands what you are going through, and been successful in navigating the process?

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