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Study Skills & Exam Technique Conference

Are you a secondary school student looking to boost your study skills and ace your exams? Look no further! You can join our Free Study Skills and Exam Technique Conference, an event dedicated to helping you achieve academic success. 


Study Skills & Exam Technique Conference?

This transformative experience arms you with evidence-based techniques for academic success. The strategies and insights shared here are grounded in the latest neuroscience research, offering you an understanding of how learning actually happens in your brain. This isn’t just about passing exams; it’s about equipping you with the tools to excel in them. In today’s competitive academic landscape, universities and apprenticeship programs are increasingly seeking candidates who are not only academically proficient but also well-prepared for the demands of higher education and adult life. By attending this conference, you’ll not only gain invaluable skills but also earn a certificate that serves as a testament to your commitment to educational excellence and personal development. This certificate can be a significant addition to your university or apprenticeship applications, showcasing your proactive approach in enhancing your learning and life skills. So, join us, and take a crucial step towards shaping your future and standing out in the world of higher education and beyond.

Conference Agenda:

The conference is 2 hours long.  The timings are usually from 11am-1pm UK GMT.

We run 2 conferences a month which are fantastic LIVE events where you can network and engage with the study mentor community of mentors and students!

Empower Your Learning: This conference is your opportunity to learn from educational experts about effective study strategies and exam preparation techniques. Whether you’re gearing up for GCSEs, A-Levels, or other exams, our conference offers invaluable insights and tools.

Interactive Sessions: This conference will unlock even more opportunities for you to engage in a variety of interactive workshops and seminars designed to equip you with practical skills throughout the year. From mastering time management to cracking complex exam questions, our sessions cover it all.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow students, share experiences, and build a community of learners. Research shows that if you surround yourself with motivated peers, you are more likely to succeed yourself! You’ll also have the chance to interact with educators and mentors who can provide guidance and support.

Our Study Skills and Exam Technique Conference is designed with inclusivity at its core. We wholeheartedly welcome students from all year groups, regardless of where they are in their educational journey. Whether you’re just starting secondary school, preparing for crucial exams like GCSEs or A-Levels, or anywhere in between, this conference is for you. But that’s not all – we also extend a warm invitation to parents and teachers. Parents will find valuable insights into how they can support their children’s academic growth, and teachers will discover new strategies to enhance their instructional methods. By creating a diverse gathering of students, parents, and educators, we foster a collaborative environment where learning and support go hand in hand. This conference isn’t just an event; it’s a community coming together for a shared goal of educational empowerment.

At Study Mentor, we take safeguarding very seriously and ensure that it is a top priority at all of our events, including those that are held online.  We have a dedicated safeguarding team during the conference.  It is not compulsory to have a camera or microphone switched on during the event.  You do not need to have a parent or guardian present either, however if you would like to interact with us and speak to us directly during the breaks you can do so.

While there’s no compulsory preparation required for attending our Study Skills and Exam Technique Conference, we encourage you to consider what you’d like to gain from this experience. If you wish, take some time before the conference to reflect on your current study habits, challenges you face, and areas where you seek improvement. Jotting down specific questions or topics you’re curious about can be a great way to ensure you make the most of the opportunities available, especially during interactive sessions and Q&A segments. This preparation isn’t mandatory, but having a clear idea of what you want to learn or resolve can significantly enhance your experience. Whether it’s seeking advice on a particular study challenge or understanding more about a specific technique, coming prepared with questions can lead to more personalised and impactful interactions. Remember, this conference is about your growth and empowerment, so any preparation you choose to do is all about tailoring the experience to your unique educational journey.


If you’re unable to attend the live dates of our Study Skills and Exam Technique Conference, don’t worry! We offer a free e-learning version of the conference, allowing you to access all the valuable content at your convenience. This online version includes all of the informative sessions from the live event. Upon completing the e-learning course, you will also receive a certificate, just as you would from attending in person, acknowledging your commitment to enhancing your study skills and academic preparedness.

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